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Tips on How to Avoid Tooth and Mouth Injuries From Working Out

A few years back, a newsletter specializing in dental care featured a story about a young man who had injured his tooth while slam dunking a basketball. He didn’t fall, or even hit the backboard. What happened was a freak incident where as he was coming down, his tooth snagged on the net. This may seem unusual, but the number of similar stories related to sports and mouth injuries is long, and each one more bizarre than the next.

If you think you’re safe from tooth injury as you pedal even on your high-end upright exercise bike, or virtually move through a lake from the safety of a secure rowing machine, think again. Some of the worst sports related mouth and tooth injuries come from guys and girls who are just trying to get into shape.

It is estimated that and where between 13% and 39% of dental injury comes from playing sports. About 80% of these are affecting the front teeth, making this a cosmetic issue as well as a dental one. In order to avoid this while you are working out on your stationary bike, or anywhere else, you should be following some basic rules:

  • Helmets – If your workout is involving high speed, you should always have on a full helmet with face guard. It needs to be appropriate for the exercises you are engaging in, and fit properly in order to be effective at protecting your mouth. You don’t necessarily need a full helmet for when riding your stationary bike, but take bike riding outside and it becomes a necessity.
  • Mouth Guards – Now a mouth guard is a good idea for stationary bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. This type of equipment relies on heavy duty materials, and if you were to accidentally fall forward your mouth is going to contact directly with one of the many hard surfaces. Avoid that event chipping or even knocking a tooth in the front out by keeping a mouth guard in at all times.


If an accident does occur that affects one of your teeth, the best thing you can do is get to a dentist that specializes in dental trauma as quickly as possible. Even a tooth that has been knocked out can be saved if you get the medical attention you need quickly enough. Chips and cracks can also be easily repaired using tooth colored materials that are as strong as your original tooth is.

Emergency dental care from sports accidents is not only painful, it can be costly. To best protect your wallet and your mouth, you should be wearing a mouth guard or helmet anytime there is a risk of hard impact.