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Our top picks this month!

Hudec Dental Associates

We found Hudec Dental Associates thanks to one of our readers who is a patient there. They sustained a pretty bad sports injury after taking a nasty whack to the jaw, and required very specialized work both to reset the jaw and to deal with the multiple missing teeth and lacerations. We are happy to report that do in fact specialize in sports injuries, thanks to the dentist’s love for fitness and sports!

Visit them at their website here:

Willow Walk Family Dentistry

WW Family Dentistry is a nice, new clinic that takes on new patients, but specializes in children and teenagers. Because of this, the doctors see quite a lot of injuries coming through their doors from things like hockey, lacrosse, and rodeo. It’s tough to deal with kids in pain like this, but without their expertise, our society would be a lot worse off, so we have to give a shout out to the great work from Willow Walk!

Check them out online:

Family Dental Care

Not an actual dentist’s office, Family Dental Care is a great resource and hub for top notch information and quality articles. Because they cover a broad spectrum of things, we were pleased to chat with them and find out they are going to be launching a sports injury awareness month, where most of their material goes into detailed explanations of various injuries and fixes that are necessary. They’ve got a great staff and very knowledgeable researchers and writers – definitely one to bookmark!

Read the articles and more:

Ben Edmunds Dental Office

Ben Edmunds has a long history of serving clients, and it has actually passed down from Sr. to Jr., as the younger Ben (but eldest son), carries on the tradition of being a fine craftsman when it comes to teeth and oral health. Having sustained an injury at a young age himself, Dr. Edmunds is keen to give back, noting that he wouldn’t be as healthy and thriving as he is today if it weren’t for a very skilled and somewhat courageous dentist.

Say hi online by going to the site:

Houston Cosmetic Dentist

There are times when injuries require a lot of work, and sometimes they go so far that you need to get cosmetic work done to make you look like any semblance of your old self. It’s really too bad when this happens, but when it does, and you don’t want to look, well, mangled, you need to visit these guys if you’re in the Houston area. They are one of Texas’ top shops if you’re looking for veneers, bridge work, or anything else.

Head on over to their new website:

And for our young dentists and aspiring dentists out there, here’s a great video from an actual student, talking about his journey through dental school!

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