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Is a Home Gym A Good Investment?

Many of us are probably thinking the same thing when it comes to fitness. Why pay the gym all that money when you can just buy equipment at home and workout there? Not only do you save on monthly fees but ton gas money too. In this article we will see if investing in gym equipment is the right choice for your modern home.


dumbbellsOn the average gym fees are usually around $50-$75 per month depending on the gym and location. Gym equipment on the other hand can easily cost hundreds of dollars more. Aside from this you will need to buy different kinds of equipment to do different exercises. Dumbbells are not so bad but remember that you might need to use different weights. If you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on equipment then it’s ok to invest in a home gym. However if the monthly fee is more affordable then continue with your gym membership.


Some people need motivation in order to get them moving. Motivation might be in the form of a bossy personal trainer or other people that go in the gym. He or she might have the body you’re working to have. The gym is for people who need physical motivation. While you can always fire or refuse to do your trainer’s suggestions remember that you’re paying them to do so. However, if you can motivate yourself into working by yourself then perhaps exercising at home is alright. There are a lot of trainers in places like Houston and the surrounding area so it’ll work out alright.


When you’re in a gym you are surrounded by different equipment that can do different exercises. This variety is what some people are looking for. They want spin class one day and then cross-fit the next day. If you’re one of those people who need variety in their exercise then the gym is a good choice. However if you’re just happy working on your pull-up bar or dumbbells then mixing it up with a bike ride or a jog then save your money and stay at home.


Some gyms have extra services such as aromatherapy, massage, sauna and other services that can soothe aching muscles. While these services do come with a price, it can really be relaxing when somebody takes care of your aches and pains. It is also a good reward to receive these services after a good pounding at the gym. When you’re at home you still need to drive somewhere else in order to receive these services.

Other people

There will be times when the gym will be full of other people working out. If you’re one of those who like to be alone or like their privacy while you sweat and grunt the gym will seem like a very crowded place. However, if you revel in socializing or like exercising with other people the gym is a good idea.

Sometimes it is a good idea to go out of your comfort zone once in a while. If you need a break from your modern home in Arizona you can check out some of the local gyms nearby. They might be able to let you join on a month-to-month basis which can be cheaper than buying your own equipment. However if you like working out alone and can afford the home gym then go for it.

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Athletes and Their Rides

Let’s face it, we are fascinated with celebrities. We want to know what they eat for lunch, what their house looks like or what car they drive to work. Professional athletes like some celebrities make an obscene amount of money and aside from buying multiple homes they also buy some of the most expensive and outrageous cars in the world. Here are some great athletes and their cars.

img1James Harrison

We all know that professional athletes make a ton of money so many of us are wondering why James Harrison of the Pittsburg Steelers is driving a Smart Car. Considering that Harrison is 6’0 tall and weighs 275 lbs you would think that there are better car options for him. But maybe James just wants to save the environment and some gas money.

LeBron James

Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James drives around town in an all-white Chevrolet Camaro. While the car seems very simple for somebody like LeBron, the car is just one of several he owns. What makes the car unique is that it is all white including the rims LeBron purchased specifically for his car.

Darren McFadden

Imagine a purple 1972 Buick Centurion with oversized rims. This car belongs to none other than the Dallas Cowboys running back Darren McFadden. This outrageous head-turner sports mini monster truck tires in chrome and green rims.  The combination of purple and green can be weird to look at for some people but it’s obvious that Darren loves his ride considering the money he burnt to customize his car.

David Beckham

Owning expensive rides is not just for American athletes. British football star David Beckham has lots of horses in his stables but perhaps the most notable of all is his Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead. The soccer star has been photographed driving his beautiful convertible and we understand because we would like to drive one of these babies too.

Michael Jordan

As one of the richest athletes in the world, Michael Jordan has a lot of cars. But what stands out from the pack is his Mercedes SLR 722. This car costs an arm and leg ($457,000) but when you Charlotte Hornets and have multimillion dollar contracts with Nike, he can probably afford at least a dozen of these cars.

Mario Balotelli

Nicknamed Super Mario, Italian striker Mario Balotelli owns a Bentley Continental. While this car is common enough in the elite set, what sets Balotelli’s car is that it is painted in camouflage. This guy has a thing for camo because he also covered his £55,000 Range Rover. But that’s not all – he also owns a camouflaged Lamborghini.

While we would like to take these cars out for a spin, most of them are not really available to us or through our friendly neighborhood exotic car rental service like over here in Ontario. While we can only dream about driving these cars, it is kind of nice to see athletes enjoying their rides.

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Tips on How to Avoid Tooth and Mouth Injuries From Working Out

A few years back, a newsletter specializing in dental care featured a story about a young man who had injured his tooth while slam dunking a basketball. He didn’t fall, or even hit the backboard. What happened was a freak incident where as he was coming down, his tooth snagged on the net. This may seem unusual, but the number of similar stories related to sports and mouth injuries is long, and each one more bizarre than the next.

If you think you’re safe from tooth injury as you pedal even on your high-end upright exercise bike, or virtually move through a lake from the safety of a secure rowing machine, think again. Some of the worst sports related mouth and tooth injuries come from guys and girls who are just trying to get into shape.

It is estimated that and where between 13% and 39% of dental injury comes from playing sports. About 80% of these are affecting the front teeth, making this a cosmetic issue as well as a dental one. In order to avoid this while you are working out on your stationary bike, or anywhere else, you should be following some basic rules:

  • Helmets – If your workout is involving high speed, you should always have on a full helmet with face guard. It needs to be appropriate for the exercises you are engaging in, and fit properly in order to be effective at protecting your mouth. You don’t necessarily need a full helmet for when riding your stationary bike, but take bike riding outside and it becomes a necessity.
  • Mouth Guards – Now a mouth guard is a good idea for stationary bikes, treadmills and rowing machines. This type of equipment relies on heavy duty materials, and if you were to accidentally fall forward your mouth is going to contact directly with one of the many hard surfaces. Avoid that event chipping or even knocking a tooth in the front out by keeping a mouth guard in at all times.


If an accident does occur that affects one of your teeth, the best thing you can do is get to a dentist that specializes in dental trauma as quickly as possible. Even a tooth that has been knocked out can be saved if you get the medical attention you need quickly enough. Chips and cracks can also be easily repaired using tooth colored materials that are as strong as your original tooth is.

Emergency dental care from sports accidents is not only painful, it can be costly. To best protect your wallet and your mouth, you should be wearing a mouth guard or helmet anytime there is a risk of hard impact.