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        東莞市永力達機械有限公司City of Dongguan tin thickness Tatsu Machinery Factory is a long-term commitment to a surface treatment equipment to develop the enterprises, located in China's famous manufacturing city of Dongguan, adjacent to 107 National Road and the Guangzhou-Shenzhen Highway, is a professional engaged in the surface treatment machinery and equipment design, production, sales as one of the enterprises. Products: polishing, polishing, sandblasting, wire drawing machinery equipment. After more than 10 years of efforts, thick master with their own efforts and dedication, has been the development, design a series of perfect surface treatment equipment, to meet the different needs of customers, achieved a leading position in the industry, won the praise of customers. Thick as has some well-known large enterprises and national key enterprises manufacturing complete sets of equipment and services and be recognized. Here, the thickness of gratitude, we sincerely hope for more new and old customers to fly development to make our modest. " Up to" brand series of polishing machine for polishing machine, wire drawing machine, polishing machine, abrasive belt machine, special machine and wearing parts and other products. " Up to" brand series of wet and dry sandblasting machine is divided into two categories, high pressure. Containing box, drum type, movable type, disc type, automatic sandblasting machine and sand blasting room and other products. The scope of products: plumbing equipment, lighting products, sanitary ware, kitchen utensils, chassis cabinets, furniture, locks, mold, die-casting industry, the automotive industry, sports equipment, medical equipment, acrylic plastic jewelry, metal and electronics industries.

        Heavy machinery plant investment business for many years, from the plant since 1992, developed to now has a group of professional design and development, production and technical personnel; ( up to ) everyone to" customers did not expect, we must think of! The customer thought, we want to do!" For the production and management philosophy, thick master will carefully design, excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect the after sale service to win your trust!

        Note: recently found a bad driver manufacturers theft of my desk, and online publication of false advertising copy, that you are not deceived and loss, particularly the majority of users before buying a clear understanding of. < Agents around the country invited to join >

        Tel: 86-769-85598822 85903422 85033918    Fax: 86-769-85905165
        Address:Dongguan City, Sha Tin Town Management District environmental protection road too long